Corporate Catering


F&J Catering also offers innovative workplace lunch services. Our mission is to become partners with you and provide incredible lunches, breakfasts or dinners that lead to a happier, healthier and more productive team.

F&J Catering is designed for companies run by people who believe that providing good food for their team is smart business and the right thing to do. We’re part of the solution to a bunch of employee problems. Here are some of them:

 You'll Improve the health of your team

Eating right keeps us healthy. A healthy team leads to more productivity, lower health care costs and better quality work.

You’ll boost afternoon energy levels.

Our fresh, gourmet and nutrition-packed lunches give your employees the focus and stamina they need to finish the day strong.

You’ll save time by simplifying lunch logistics.

Choosing a restaurant… ordering… and picking it up is a huge waste of resources. We return that to your company.

You’ll find it easier to attract and keep top talent.

By offering F&J Catering, you demonstrate a forward-thinking principle and you make it crystal clear to prospective employees that you value and invest in your people.

You’ll make it easier for friendships to form.

Having friends at work makes us happier and more likely to stay. It’s easy to connect and get to know each other over lunch when it’s delivered.

Lets plan your catering services: